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360 degree panorama, Spirit Lake, Mount St. Helens

Free 360° View Icon

360 degree view icon

Here is a simple little vector, free for the masses. Enjoy!

If you are wondering when or where you might ever use a 360 degree view icon, let me introduce you to a cool app made by Google, Photosphere. There is also an android counterpart but coming from an all Apple family, I can’t say anything more than that it exists.

Anyways, with photosphere, you can capture 360 degree views, just like you would see in Google Street View, with your iPhone. To make it even better, you can upload them to Google Maps, so others can enjoy them as well.

Here is one of our recent, just for fun posts using the app.

While photosphere contributors are limited to non-commercial applications (Google has a trusted photographer program for creating Business Views in Google maps. If you are interested, give us a call. We would love an excuse to buy a new camera lens to take 360 panoramas.) you can still upload a commercial view and embed it on your website but it won’t show on Google Maps. None the less, being able to show off your business with interactive, 360 degree panoramas on your website is still a boon to your marketing effort.

We leveraged this ability for Southern Oregon HBOT’s website (view the project in our portfolio) because, lets face it, most people are apprehensive about being sealed inside a chamber for an hour. The 360 degree view allows patients to interact with and explore the chamber in advance, allowing them to overcome their apprehension and make an appointment with confidence.

If you’re not sold by now – honestly how cool is the photosphere app – consider 360 product views, real estate tours, or maybe your working on a Matrix like project. I’m sure you’ll find a use for it someday.

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