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Meet Dr. Jon Chambers Video

When we were first asked to produce this video for The Neuro Clinic, the objective was to create an orientation for new patients.  As we discussed the content for the video, we discovered that this video could be leveraged for a much more powerful purpose, differentiation. Unlike other chiropractors, The Neuro Clinic focuses on the treatment of neurological disorders through the use of diet, exercise, neural stimulation, and sometimes gentle adjustment.

The Neuro Clinic has struggled to effectively break through the chiropractor label and differentiate themselves because of the complexity of the message. Readers would disconnect within a few lines of text. This video however presented a great opportunity to not only orient patients to the clinic and introduce them to Dr. Chambers but also explain the difference between a chiropractor and a chiropractic neurologist.

While storyboarding this video, we scripted in dialogue that concisely explains the different practice methodology used at The Neuro Clinic and how it can benefit the viewer. This turned out to be the perfect medium to serve this message while also fulfilling the original purpose.

This is the ultimate difference when you hire Elevate Creative as a guide as opposed to an other media production company. We strive to know your business so we can recommend opportunities and solutions to improve your marketing efforts. Get in touch so we can guide your business to its peak.