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The Neuro Clinic (Oregon) Website Redesign

Every website has a shelf life and at some point it needs to be replaced to stay relevant, secure, and effective. The Neuro Clinic website was initially built using Wix and we were occasionally asked to update a number of components on the site. Ultimately it came time to do a complete website redesign to reflect a more professional look.

view the live site: www.theneuroclinicnw.com


Due to limitations in Wix and hosting costs, we moved the site over to WordPress. This allowed us to leverage a responsive, full-width, bootstrap style design and save on costs. The design works to focus and direct users attention. The change has resulted in a decreased bounce rate and a higher retention period.

During the website redesign, we put on our marketing hats and suggested they transfer to a new domain name that included the correct extension (they were previously using a .org extension) and was more descriptive of their business. As such, we helped them transition from tncor.org to theneuroclinicnw.com while maintaining current search rankings.

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