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Mothers Day Promotion – The Neuro Clinic

This project combined both our marketing and design services to produce a a multichannel promotion for our clients underutilized services. The design and ad content was targeted to The Neuro Clinic’s primary demographic of 30-50 year old women. The ad’s were displayed on TV’s at Club Northwest, on The Neuro Clinic website, and throughout social media […]

Southern Oregon Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Photography

Use your mouse to look around the chamber. This is likely one of the greatest photographic challenges to date. The objective of this assignment was to allow potential patients to experience being inside a functional hyperbaric chamber before they dive. The inside of the hyperbaric chamber is roomy if you are a patient but a little […]

Lift Where You Stand Music Video

This was a really fun project that gave us a glimpse into the lives of some amazing women in the community. The song, written and performed by Kari Peterson explores the overwhelming feelings women face during different phases of life and challenges all women to lift where they stand. Based on a speech given by Dieter […]

The Great Unbaked eCommerce Website

Project Overview We began this project with the initial task of making The Great Unbaked website more search engine friendly. After some initial examination, we determined the platform upon which the site was built was the main cause of SEO errors. After discussing this with the client, we learned that they were unhappy with the platform (3D Cart) […]

Meet Dr. Jon Chambers Video

When we were first asked to produce this video for The Neuro Clinic, the objective was to create an orientation for new patients.  As we discussed the content for the video, we discovered that this video could be leveraged for a much more powerful purpose, differentiation. Unlike other chiropractors, The Neuro Clinic focuses on the […]