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What are your photos saying about your business? 

High quality photographs (and video) are the crux of an effective marketing strategy. Does your image communicate what you intend? We can help you produce high quality imagery of your products and business for print and online consumption.

A great image starts long before the photo shoot. When you enlist our services, we become a part of your team and strive to understand your story to ensure we capture it correctly. We employ a number of techniques to understand your needs including questionnaires, site visits, and planning conversations. Rest assured, when it comes time to take the photo, you will be ready.

How We Can Help

Over 10 years of photography experience to ensure you get great imagery to tell your story.

  • Location/Architectural
  • Panorama, 360 degree immersive (google street view)
  • Product/Catalogue
  • Photo Editing And Compositing
Product Photography Example - Chocolate

Photo Editing

All photos require at least a little bit of editing to look great. Ideally, a little post processing (adding contrast, adjusting exposure, etc.) is all that is needed.

Sometimes a little more in depth editing is required due to the nature of the subject being photographed, the condition during the shoot, or other uncontrollable factors.

Amazing things can be done with todays technology but keep in mind there are limitations to the amount of editing possible. There comes a point where the image becomes more fiction than reality and your customers will call you out on it. We will ensure the level of editing stays within the realms of reality and necessity.

Slide bar to view before and after.

360 Degree Panoramic Imagery


360 degree imagery is gaining traction online and provides you a great way to showcase your business location. Engage customers on Facebook, Google Maps, and your website by allowing them to tour your location from the comfort of their own home. 360 Degree Imagery is a great way to showcase your restaurant, factory, office, studio, or venue.

We can help you create simple 360 images for google maps & Facebook using an app for your phone, or go the extra mile to create high quality 360 degree panoramas that can be published in google street view. 

If an image simply won't due, lets get together to create a 360 degree video or a series of interlinked 360 degree images that allow a user to walk through your space virtually.

Click and drag with your mouse to look around. Created using the Google Streetview App

Product Photography Example - Staged Hot Chocolate


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