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Web Design

Web design is more than creating a visually appealing site, it has to be easy to use and navigate as well.  We start each web design project by identifying your specific needs, outlining and wire framing your site and continually seeking your feedback.

Whether you need a barebones HTML , CMS, or eCommerce site, we guide you through the process of creating an effective web presence. We generally build on WordPress for regular sites and recommend Shopify for eCommerce sites. These two platforms provide the most stable and user friendly environment for our clients. If all that you seriously need is an HTML site, we build using Adobe Dreamweaver but honestly, in this day and age of content marketing, a static HTML site is rarely a strong move.

We are big fans of the open source movement because they help keep the web open and accessible to everyone. While we do recommend a platform (shopify)  that is not open source, they are active contributors in the open source community.

A Tale of Two Sites

Acceptable web design practices morph and change every year with the advent of new technology and a drive to improve user experience. As a result, a website that was smashing 5 years ago is likely showing it's age and a website that was just ok 5 years ago now looks archaic. 

Even more troubling is the changes in search engine algorithms after 5 years. If you haven't made any updates to your site in 5 years, there is a good chance you are missing in search results.

We have helped a number of clients with an inexpensive face lift of their existing site and pulled in new elements that engage visitors. Chances are, we can help you as well.

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How We Can Help


We incorporate SEO into the build so your business is found online quickly.

eCommerce Storefront

Increase the number of potential customers with an online store. With SEO and payment processing built in, you'll be ready to sell in no time.


Get up and going with your own personal corner of the web. Share you stories along with your photos and build a following.

Responsive/Mobile Sites

Already have a site? We can help you transition to a site that is responsive to different screen sizes and mobile friendly.

Domain Name Registration

We will help you find the perfect domain name and register it for your site. We can also help you set up your email with your new domain name.

Website Administration

Let us take care of the backend for you. We can make all of the updates and add content for you.

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