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Banner Stand Design for the Great Unbaked

Bold Colors, Simple, Flat Design

In preparation for the Oregon Chocolate Festival in Ashland, we were asked by the folks at The Great Unbaked to design two banner stands that they could use at their booth.  They had an old banner that lacked color, did not effectively grab your attention, and featured an old logo that they wanted updated. They also wanted a table sized banner that would guide festival attendees on how to demo the chocolate at their booth.

We first selected a strong color palette that would be eye catching but also call attention to their chocolates. We then set out to create a simple, easy to navigate design that would compliment the color palette. The copy was critical in this project due to the limited amount of time viewers would have to see the banners. Similar to designing a billboard, we needed to limit the amount of words on the large poster to 5 or 6 to ensure they would be large and easy to read. Boiling down a brand into 5 or 6 words is not easy to do, especially for an all purpose banner such as this one but the descriptive adjectives used in this case do the trick. We also wanted to bring in some elements calling out the awards previously one to establish a history of excellent chocolate.

If we were solely a design agency, this is where the story would end. However, being a full service creative agency, we helped The Great Unbaked leverage this opportunity to drive a conversation on social media.  We know that the most effective form of marketing is word of mouth and word of mouth is typically the aim of social media campaigns. In practice, however, it can be very hard to achieve.  In this case, we are promoting an ongoing conversation that foodies readily engage in anyways and incentivizing it with free product. There is no requirement for a person to do something out of the ordinary, which is often the biggest hurtle to success. On the administration side, we are continuing an ongoing promotion and adding a few more channels in which customers can participate. In the table top banner stand, customers are instructed to tag @thegreatunbaked in a photo showing how they enjoy the chocolate to be entered to win a monthly chocolate giveaway. Future product inserts will further drive the conversation.