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HBOT Trifold Brochure

When The Neuro Clinic asked us to create a new brochure for their hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic, we were enthralled. Initially we had set out to improve the information on their website but were given the ability to refresh the whole image of the clinic.

This brochure presented a unique challenge in that we needed to visually communicate oxygen under pressure. As a hyperbaric treatment is often referred to as a dive, we experimented with all sorts of underwater views with air bubbles, but none of them seemed to fit this project. As many individuals are apprehensive of entering an enclosed, pressurized space, we felt that many of underwater images presented a feeling of claustrophobia. Other underwater images taken as a wave crashed overhead were overly turbulent to represent the calm, relaxing environment. We broadened our search and settled on this beautiful split view composition. It provides great neutral space for text, ties in the dive component of HBOT treatment and provides a clear sky thus feeling less confining.

The main objective of this brochure is to make patients comfortable and prepared for hyperbaric treatment. The previous brochure failed to achieve this goal and solely presented facts about HBOT. Fighting limited space, we added in imagery to display the size of the hyperbaric chamber and it’s interior. We surrounded these images with information about the dive experience, benefits, how to prepare, and conditions treated.

Overall, this brochure is a major improvement over the existing collateral.

The mockup was created using a free template from pixeden and a background that we will soon make available in our designer toolbox.