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Elevate Creative Single Page Website Design - CHwoodcrafts.com

CHwoodcraft Single Page Website Design and Logo

A website is a necessity for every modern business, however, not every business requires a complex online presence. In this case, a single page website design was sufficient and cost effective. The sites owner reached out to us for some help revamping an existing site that was built on a DIY platform.  After evaluating the platform, their comfort level with web design, and their overall desires for the project, we determined the best solution would be to move off of the DIY platform and create a site powered by WordPress.

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view the live site: www.chwoodcrafts.com

We derived the color theme from the beautiful woodwork that would be showcased on the site and designed all of the elements to reflect the warmth of natural wood. The design elements were kept simple to place emphasis on the woodwork itself and the spectacular imagery provided by the client.

The existing logo was a scan of the brand the artist uses to mark his woodwork that had been isolate. We wanted to ensure that the logo reflected the quality of the woodwork showcased on the site and mimicked the look of branded wood on the webpage. In order to do this, we needed to digitize the logo and create a vector graphic. We then matched the font and added woodwork to the original brand.

Additionally, the existing domain name: chwoodcraftonline.com wasn’t loved by the client and was a bit of a mouthful to be honest. We found a shorter, more descriptive domain (chwoodcrafts.com) and registered it on their behalf for the new site. They are extremely happy with the new site and with our hosting, pay a third of what they were before with the DIY platform.